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Providing Occupational Health Services

In 1947 the doors to our medical centre were opened with over 50 local companies using the facility to help prevent absence and accidents, and to assist in the rehabilitation and well-being of nearly 6000 employees. By 1963 over 300 companies and 27,000 employees were using our services, and we now look after over 700 companies spread across the whole of the UK.



Our Founder and first Chairman, Sir Noel Mobbs, recognised that prosperity depended on more than purely material factors, and that the health and well-being of the workforce underpinned growth and success. He was instrumental in development of the Slough Trading Estate which dates back to 1925. The estate developed quickly and by 1930 there were 100 firms employing 8,000 workers. Sir Noel established a series of social funds and projects to promote the health and education of the people of Slough and was responsible for the development of the first industrial health service in the UK – now Corporate Health. 

Slough Trading Estate (now SEGRO), is now the largest industrial estate in single private ownership in Europe, home to many of the world’s most successful companies including Mars, Telefonica 02, Fiat, LG, Ferrari, UCB, Lonza and RIM. The estate has developed a world class reputation for business. Corporate Health continues to provide occupational health services to companies and their employees on the estate.

As the organisation that underpinned the very foundations of occupational health, we are extremely proud of our history and heritage. We still hold true our approach to delivering occupational health, and combine this with integrity and excellence in all we do.