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Training course testimonials

What our customers had to say?

about our First Aid at Work course ...

Before coming to First Aid course I was really dreading it but you [Mark Davis], as a trainer, with your style of training took the fear away. I gave feedback to my HR department as well as my team and manager about your style of training and how enjoyable you make the training.
Some of my team members are due for training next month; they are looking forward to it. Once again thank you so much for the excellent job you do, I hope to meet you back after 3 years for my refresher - Anita Benawra, Unilever

A clear, coherant and effective communicator. The course was delivered in a memorable and humourous manner - Head of Video Production

A clear, concise and well structured course that goes into great depth to educate you through practical exercises. Plenty of usefull information! - Producion Assistant

Much more concise and practical than St Johns course – General Manager

Worthwhile course.  I felt I learnt a considerable amount on first aid! – Technician

Mark is a fantastic instructor.  Very informative course and well worthwhile – Contracts Manager


about our First Aid requalification course ...

Plenty of new information on this course.  Very informative – Manager

Best trainer I have ever had in the 12 years I have been trained – P.A

The use of video examples of wounds and conditions was very helpful – Business Manager


about our Paediatric First Aid course ...

Choking equipment was very effective.  Trainer took into consideration everyone’s specific requirements – School Receptionist

The trainer came across very passionate about what he was teaching.  I would recommend this course to others – Teaching Assistant


Further testimonials:

Feedback about Mark was absolutely excellent. The staff he trained yesterday were delighted with his approach.  He has a great manner and it goes without saying that he is very knowledgeable indeed. All in all, a great success.